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2014/11 Plan • Trip • Europe • Italian Heritage • YAY!


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So... Belén just got back from Malaysia (with a little stopover at Istanbul and a small and amazing detour at Singapore... She got the most incredible BigBlogExchange Experience and will be posting all about it in a few days! (posts/pics/vids all included!). If you just can't wait, you can check our Instagram account! and, of course, you can also see what the #BigBlogX winners did in their trips just by clicking here BigBlogExchange

In the meanwhile, I've been planning a trip.. I knew I wanted to get away just for a few days... And it happened! A few days ago I finally bought my ticket!

The main reason (AKA "MY MISSION!") of this trip is visiting Tropea, IT and find some information and family documents. I'm looking for my great-grandfather's, Saverio Megna, birth certificate or certificato di nascita. like italians like to call it... This part of the trip is going to be more like a research and, hopefully, I'll find some part of our italian heritage and family here :D

Truth be told, I really don't know what awaits me in Tropea / Ricadi... haha. My only hope is to find this documents... so, if you happen to be in Tropea or just want to help, please let me know!

On the other part, a couple of friends moved to Europe not so long ago, so I'll be lucky enought to visit them in Spain and maaaybe in London! I've been in Spain, but never got to visit Madrid or Barcelona... But I can't wait to get there and experience both of this beautiful cities! If you have any recommendations on where to go, how to get there, places to eat or, simply, "city musts"... leave a comment or send me an email to !

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I haven't quite figure out the whole trip yet... All I know is that I'll be arriving at Madrid on FEB09, after a little layover in Rome, and -sadly- leaving Europe on MAR19. The only cities I already know I'll be visiting are: Madrid, Barcelona, Rome and Tropea. Still trying to get to London and Paris.. The catch is that I'll be travelling on a small budget but any suggestions will be more than welcome!

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