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My first reaction was: "WHAAAAAT?!?!?!" I couldn't believe it!! I left home very early in the morning and didn't have time to check anything (so "nerviosa"!).. suddenly I got THE call! I didn't understood anything!!!

THE 16!! (and I'm there!!! :D )

I simply have no words to thank everyone who helped us and supported us during this nerve wracking days... family, friends and new friends!! I know we became a bit annoying asking for votes.. but it all payed out!! We did it!!!

It was the weirdest competition! just because it didn't felt like a "competition" at all.. even though we knew only 16 out of 100 would make it.. we unite as a group, and that was awesome! We became an amazing group full of positive energy and supportive among each other while counting the minutes to get to know the winners..

But.. what excites me the most? Exchanging places with Vincent! He was one of the first people who I talked to with and one of the first fellow bloggers who voted for us.. he knew it all along: he wanted to come to Argentina! And he made it!! On the other side - really supersticious- it was me... I didn't wanted to jinx anything!! and now... I'M SO HAPPY!!! If someone would have told me a few months ago that I was going to get to know Malaysia I would have laughed so hard!! :P

Malaysia: here I come!!

But hey! .. I just want to also share a couple of blogs of our new and amazing friends, blogs that definetly deserve a second chance for next year!! (You already have our votes!!!)

Les Avis d'Agrippine from Deborah (France).. she's just AWESOME! one of our favorites!! even though we had some troubles with the language (like she had with our blog) there's nothing GoogleTranslate can't fix!! :P

HappyTummyTravels from Chichi (Philipines) another of our big favorites! why? just click the link and be amazed of the things she shares!! she rocks!! And, if we ever got to visit Manila, we know the right person to ask for the best places to eat! ;)

SelTrips'n'Tips from Sel (Brasil) he was always there.. with such good vibes for all.. he made THE BEST votes campaing ever. BY FAR. One of the most active bloggers! it really shocked us not seeing him in the top 16.. but, as Vincent said, never give up!!

StayBookish from Hazel (Philipines) another amazing blog... very well organized and special for book lovers! check it out!!!

RunningTheRace from Karien (South Africa).. What an AMAZING blog! we truly loved it!! it has a bit of everything.. but most important.. it's made with such good energy!! don't miss it!!..

BecomingTheBoss from Brigid (South Africa) another GREAT blog from a GREAT person! Lots of info and pretty cool pictures!!

TheWanderingWanderluster from Samantha (UK) another blog definetly worth visiting!! just look at it!! go! NOW!! :D

But we also have our winner friends!!

VinceQuek from Vincent (Malaysia), of course… this is the blog I'm taking over during my exchange!!

Googly Gooeys from Tessa! (Philipines) awesome layout!! very creative and fun to read :)

EatSleepChic from Stephanie! (Ireland) beautiful blog! full of tips about fashion, beauty and... travel! yeah!




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