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We wrote down the date, like literally: it was writen ON the wall. We sarted this "shy blog" (as we like to call it) about 2 years ago with Iña, as things got a bit complicated and we couldn't go away, so we decided to give it a twist! Here is where Ton comes in.. if we couldn't go on a trip, why not bringing that trip home?.. How? Through our senses! and that's how we -PalaciosBros- started Travel·By·Taste. When we had to decide who was going to represent the blog.. it was between Iña and me (the old ones haha).. so, we did it the old fashion, we flipped a coin. It was 2 out of 3.. story short: I won!


Motivation: It all started as an excuse to share our stories, suddenly our social media wasn't enough and we wanted a space to write, post pictures, share tips about things we did.. we are no experts, of course, but we sure aren’t the average tourists, we love doing things at our own rhythm, taking long walks, talking to strangers, getting tips from the locals, getting lost! Those who also blog know that there is nothing better than getting on a plane/bus/train and experiencing new cultures and sharing.. The best that can happen is inspiring others to do the same, after all, all you need is the desire and conviction that you can do it (because you can!).
One of our favorite subjects its food, whose isn’t?. We are firm believers that sometimes when you cannot actually travel you still can bring some of that flavors home.. that’s why we started a new section Travel·By·Taste, sharing recipes of the best we had and things we want to try. This is a passport free section. We are hoping to gather new recipes from all around the world and travel through our senses.
Viajar en Pelotas comes from the feeling of arriving to a new place, without a marked map or an itinerary, without a schedule to follow, suddenly realizing you made it to that place you've dreamed of.. it's travelling with the eager to enjoy, learn and making every minute worth it.




Somos Belu, Iña y Ton. Hermanos. De Buenos Aires, Argentina. Nos gusta escribir, diseñar, sacar fotos, viajar, recorrer y comer! Empezamos este blog con la idea de compartir un poco nuestro mundo y ver qué pasa.. Seguir leyendo..




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