2014-10-20 Hostelling International - Argentina - Malaysia

#0 | Meet Vincent from Malaysia!

Cómo ya se sabe, y aunque todavía me cueste creerlo, en una semana emprendo viaje a Malasia!! Si señor.. MALASIA!! Todo gracias a Hostelling International y la genial iniciativa de Big Blog Exchange, un concurso internacional de blogs que nos da la increíble oportunidad de cambiar culturas por 10 días. Pero eso no es todo, como parte del intercambio Vincent va a estar llegando a Argentina y va a estar compartiendo su viaje acá en ViajarEnPelotas, así que me pareció que era hora de presentárselos.. con ustedes Vincent!




Please tell us a little bit about yourself; what you do, what your hobbies and interests are..

Well, for starters, I´m 49, going on 50; so I´m not exactly considered young compared to my fellow BBE 2014 winners.  I am a Malaysian of Chinese descent.  By trade, I am a barista and run my own little coffee shop in Sandakan, a small city of 300,000 in East Malaysia.

To be honest, the shop keeps me too busy for any kind of hobby or recreation (I work 14 hours a day, 6 days a week).  Having said that, I do have a few passions - and one of them is blogging.  I started my blog in December 2011 solely to document my trip to India.  I guess one thing led to another and I eventually found myself hooked on blogging, and I started to write about many subjects.  Feel free to visit my blog, "With Hope In My Heart".


What is the main motivation behind your blog and what do you usually write about?

I mainly blog about my passions and interests which, incidentally, are diverse.  My main topics, however, are travel, coffee and football; I´m a huge Liverpool fan!

My motivation lies in my love for sharing - my travel tales, my experiences, my thoughts.  If you visit my blog, you´ll notice that I also have a few posts under the section "Growing Old".  Here I write about my experiences - both the good as well as the not-so-good - in the hope that those who care to read them will learn (or pick up some good advice) from my past experiences.


Briefly tell us about your Big Blog Exchange participation; why and when did you join? How did you feel when you learnt you´d made it to the list of 100 finalists?

I first joined the BBE in 2013 but didn´t make it into the finals - so you can say I´ve been waiting a whole year for this year´s competition.  So I was already well-prepared and joined on the second day.

The BBE prize is one that´s too good to ignore.  In fact, it offers winners the adventure of a lifetime - not to mention the opportunity for them to see and experience cultures which, in all likelihood, they probably wouldn´t be able to do otherwise.  This is one of the reasons I joined the competition.  The other, of course, is to prove to myself as well as those around me that, even at any age, the seemingly impossible can be achieved; dreams DO come true!

Making the finals didn´t come too much as a surprise as we could see day-by-day the progress of the voting process.  But nonetheless it was good feeling.  That´s when I made most friends with fellow contestants from around the world - and that´s PRICELESS!


What was the first thing you did when you find out you won? How did you feel and what was the moment like for you? Where you happy to get exchanged with me?

I got emotional... very emotional; probably more emotional than one would expect from a grown man, if you know what I mean.  My wife was with me at the time, so it was a nice moment to share with her.  Oh no... come to think it, she still has those photos of me reacting to the announcement!

If you recall, when I first made contact with you, I told you Argentina was my exchange destination of choice if I won - so yes, I´m truly elated to get exchanged with you.  In fact, I´m over the moon!  In the same way, I´m certain you´ll enjoy Malaysia.  Yes, it´s hot and humid year-round here, but the people are friendly, the sights fantastic and the food absolutely divine.  Hope you like spicy stuff.


What do you already know about Argentina and what´s the first thing you plan to do when you get here?

Until I learnt about my exchange destination, my knowledge about Argentina is restricted primarily to what I´ve learnt from Geography and History class, encyclopedias and newspapers.  Of course, I´ve done a fair bit of research since and now have a better understanding of your wonderful country, especially in terms of her culture and current affairs.

The first thing I´ll do is sleep as I´ll be arriving in Buenos Aires around midnight following a 48-hour flight, door-to-door!  But seriously, because I own a coffee shop, I´m quite anxious to experience first-hand the coffee scene there.  I´d also like to visit Casa Rosada having watched "Evita" some years ago.

I know I´ll feel welcome in Argentina as her people are known to be warm and passionate.  I can´t wait!


Si quieren pueden ver mis respuestas acá :)

Creo que hablo por los dos cuando digo que ya no se aguanta la emoción!! No se pierdan la experiencia de Vincent en Argentina (Buenos Aires, Mendoza y Bariloche) en este mismo blog, ni la mía en Malasia (Kuala Lumpur, Malacca y Penang) en el blog With Hope In My Heart :)


Belén & Vincent


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